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The Final Tactic of the Promotional Mix: Sales Force 


"Sales are contingent upon the of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect." 

– W. Clement Stone

These days, many companies do not consider the significance of a sales team when developing their promotional mix. In fact, we often see companies use outsourcing when recruiting a sales or customer service team; however, this is a mistake as we have found these employees are not dedicated to your company. To avoid this unnecessary undertaking, we recommend deeply evaluating potential employees when creating your sales team.

According to Microsoft, 96% of consumers say customer service is an important factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Therefore, businesses should hire a sales team that represents their brand, conveys their company's culture, and honors their value proposition. We recommend enforcing these attributes from day one by distributing employee handbooks of your company's rules and procedures. This document can act as a guideline of your business's expectations and promise good quality customer service. 

It is important to note that a sales team may be the first encounter that a prospect has with your brand. As sales representatives, it is their job to make a good impression by assisting in the purchasing process. However, the enforcement of a sales team is only effective when the sales representative is invested in their job and loyal to the company's brand. We believe that one positive interaction can lead customers to become a business's biggest advocate.  

Unfortunately, salesforces are often handled like a commodity whose goals are primarily based on quantitative data. When a sales team focuses on the number of deals closed, meetings arranged, or phone calls made, there is a loss of humanness within the industry. This lack of professional customer service can thus threaten your company. Instead, we recommend training your employees to engage with customers using knowledgeable information. Try to avoid solely hiring order-getters or those who call, email, and solicit more than necessary. These salespeople are occasionally dishonest and inconsiderate of your time. On the contrary, passive sellers are typically personable yet uneducated on the company's information. This lack of knowledge leaves no room to continue the conversation. To avoid instilling these types of salespeople in your business, we recommend training your employees. After the training is complete, there should be timely evaluations to ensure that your employees fulfill their duties. 

We also suggest a good salesforce considers the AIDA model to analyze how consumers move through the purchasing process. This step-by-step process explains how to attract attention, interest, desire, and action within the customer's purchasing journey. Understanding the process can help sales teams connect with their customers by creating specific advertisements and promotions; ultimately, increasing a patron's interest and loyalty to your brand.

Even if your business does not specialize in sales, you should always try to hire professional, passionate, and eager employees that can assist in maintaining your business's reputation.

If you would like to inquire about hiring a team of employees, please contact Absolute Marketing Solutions. 

Natalie DiRoberto

Natalie DiRoberto is currently a Junior at The University of Tampa studying Communications, with a focus and culture media, and Marketing. Natalie was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship three years in a row at UT.

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