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If you are like us, we are sure that you are guilty of deleting hundreds of unopened newsletter, promotion, and acquisition emails each week. Although this may be frustrating to deal with as a prospective customer, many companies have successfully used direct marketing to promote their products, services, or brand. When direct marketing is used correctly, businesses can reduce the number of emails sent while increasing the number of responses received.

Unlike highly viewed billboards or television commercials, direct mail allows the customer to believe there is a one-to-one communication channel between the customer and the company increasing the level of interaction with the desired audience. To find the proper recipients, we recommend segmenting consumers into target markets based on characteristics and qualities that they may share. This can be done by looking at the demographics, psychographics, and geographics of potential customers to narrow down your market segment. Once this is complete, you can send personally addressed emails to your chosen market. This personalization will help differentiate yourself from spam emails such as those that begin with phrases like “Dear Customer” or “Dear Valued Member.”

We also highly recommend having a call to action somewhere in your emails. This addition ensures that customers can take the next step to contact your customer service team or access other platforms after they have traveled through the initial funnel stages. The call to action can be anything from providing an email, phone number, website, social media account, or QR code for recipients to use.

Here, at Absolute Marketing Solutions, we have helped many businesses reach their goals through direct marketing such as email marketing. For example, we are currently working with Premier Nail Source, an online beauty product wholesaler, to increase their direct marketing tactics, among other things. This client especially wanted to increase sales of their products by encouraging and alerting buyers of upcoming sales and promotions. Therefore, we created a weekly email schedule for those who sign up to receive emails on their website. These emails typically consist of sales promotions, product alerts, promotional sharing offers, and featured content as well as call to actions including website and social media buttons. Additionally, to ensure awareness and recall with customers, each email is consistent with the look and brand of Premier Nail Source.

Nevertheless, you do not have to stick to email when using direct marketing. As an alternative, you can use social media to deliver the same message. For instance, we often direct message followers to notify them of promotions or giveaway opportunities. As previously mentioned, you should personalize the message on every platform. For example, you could send something like, “Hey, Lexi! We saw that you are a frequent buyer! Do you want to earn an exclusive offer towards your next purchase?”. Since this message is specifically for that follower, they are more likely to browse your page.

In addition, you can also implement short message services (SMS) to communicate with customers directly. Businesses can use this method to alert recipients of new promotions, customer support, or recruitment opportunities. If you choose to use SMS, we recommend keeping the messages short and simple!

Once you have chosen a direct marketing approach that is realistic, measurable, and timely, the next step is collecting a list of contacts that would actively engage in your messages. From here, create a sending schedule based on the number of people who open the email versus those who do not. If your chosen media is unsuccessful, try using one of the other forms of direct marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about direct marketing, contact the Absolute Marketing Solutions team to speak with an expert.

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