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Nonprofits face unique marketing challenges. They most appeal to both donors and the communities they serve and they must do so with tight budgets. We know that every dollar spent is precious and the need to realize a return on your marketing investments is of the utmost importance. We build state-of-the-art, beautiful websites that help non-profits communicate their missions effectively which results in increased donors and supporters.

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In 2017 Absolute Marketing Solutions will match dollar for dollar up to $500,000

What is the 1 for 1 MATCH?

For each dollar your nonprofit spends on web design,or other media related work, we will match that dollar with a dollar of our own.

Websites for nonprofit organizations

We build beautiful, highly-functional, scalable and responsive websites for nonprofits.
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What is nonprofit web design?

All of the websites we design balance the needs for an aesthetically pleasing look, successful communication of your message, and the needs of your websites visitors. When we build websites for nonprofits, we include all of this along with tools specifically geared towards nonprofits. Check out just a few of the web design perks you’ll receive when you work with us.

  • Website that maximizes user-experience
  • Intuitive navigation, excellent speed, and highly-efficient security tools that yield increased donations and fundraising revenues
  • Interactive graphic and logo designs reflective of your organization
  • Stronger relationships with donor and supporters
  • Greater awareness and community involvement around your cause.

Custom Websites with a Message

Many web design firms and vendors who work with non-profits offer a choice of predefined templates. We believe in freedom of design, meaning, we work collaborative to provide custom crafted websites that offer the best solutions for nonprofits. Our clients receive visually aesthetic designs that are interactive, engaging, responsive, optimized for online marketing, and customized to your organization.Our solutions yield proven results; convert more donors, improve fundraising efforts, and help build a community around a cause.