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Whether it’s an email blast, a newsletter, or a special announcement, we will couple engaging design with content that resonates with your audience. Email marketing campaigns shouldn’t be static. That’s why produce interactive elements for your campaign as well, including video, polls, and music.

The Absolute Marketing Solutions email marketing team can help you procure your email lists and create compelling campaigns with a bevy of tools and innovative best practices. Our team of designers and content writers will work with you to establish your goals for your campaign and determine the proper format for reaching your audience.

Email Campaign Development

Building an email marketing strategy first starts by identifying your company’s business goals. From there, we analyze your business’ strengths, unique positioning, target audience, and complete a competitive analysis. Based on our research, we develop an email marketing campaign that reinforces your company’s message and values to your audience in a way that will be fresh and relevant.

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Email Campaign Management

We monitor campaign results with robust tools that measure conversions, click through rates, open rates, and other signals that prove your email marketing efforts are paying off. We manage your email marketing campaigns and create qualitative goals, whether it is selling products, delivering qualified leads, driving web traffic, or building your brand’s reputation. Partnering with a Tampa email marketing agency can help grow your business by maintaining an ongoing interaction with your customers to keep your organization top of mind.

Custom Email Marketing Templates

Absolute Marketing Solutions uses a variety of email marketing platforms including MailChimp, Zoho Mail, Constant Contact, and others to deliver efficient, powerful, and beautiful email campaigns. Our team of developers and graphic designers can also design and custom code a unique email template that will allow your campaign to stand out from the competition, allowing it to be responsive and look great on all devices. At Absolute, we tailor each marketing message through content and design that is specific and focused.

Email Marketing and ROI

At Absolute, metrics is a major part of everything we do, and evaluating ROI with your email marketing is no exception. We work with our clients’ goals and budgets to create a compelling email campaign that gets the highest ROI for your business. We study open and click-through rates closely to help determine the effectiveness of the design and content of your campaign.


Email Marketing Segmentation and A/B Testing

Testing to Perfection

We also perform A/B testing with a variety of “call to actions” for your email campaign to ensure that it connects with your audience. We use robust technologies to test different subject lines, promotion placements, and design layouts to see which garner more success for your business.

Segmenting your email lists is a best practice in email marketing for a variety of reasons. At Absolute, we create tailored messaging to fit each segment of your audience based on their interests and interactions with your organizations. By narrowing your focus and sending specific messages to targeted groups within your audience, your campaign will get better results, and you will remain top of mind with your customers.

Email Marketing Case Study: Laser Locators

To learn more about our Tampa email marketing team, click here to discover the inside story of how we increased Laser Locators conversions by 416% in less than two years!

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