Product Packaging

Although we have always been taught not to judge a book by its cover, it is difficult not to select a product by its packaging. When browsing through the aisles of a store, most customers choose to buy the most visually appealing products without even knowing the quality of the product itself.

Now think to yourself, would a customer consider purchasing your product because of its well-designed packaging, or does it get pushed to the side with the other mainstream packaged goods? Of course, this does not mean you should overdue your packaging, but taking the extra step from mainstream packaging can go a long way.

As a small business owner, you should present your packaging to stand out against your competitors. By considering these few factors, your packaging could create conversation about your company; ultimately, increasing brand awareness and sales.

1. Convey Your Company's Values

Companies can convey their core values to create an emotional connection with their customers through their packaging. For example, if your company considers itself environmentally friendly, use recycled paper products and avoid plastic in your packaging. Your packaging can reinforce the importance of your brand values to your customers.

2. Differentiate Your Packaging

Avoid purchasing mass-produced packaging that your competitors also use. For example, a simple white box or generic thank you bag doesn't say anything about your company. Instead, try customizing your packaging by manufacturing packaging with your company's colors, logo, contact information, and address. This addition to your packaging familiarizes customers with your company and may drive curious shoppers to your business.

3. Consider the Costs

Businesses often overlook specialized packaging because of its high cost ; however, there are many ways to work with a tight budget when considering your product's packaging. For example, let's say you can only afford that simple white box we discussed before. To customize it, create a stamp or sticker with your company's logo for the outside, write a personalized note, or use your company's colors within the box's lining. No matter what you choose, this simple change can increase the recognition and recall of your business.

4. Display the Quality of the Product

The proper packaging can show customers where your company directs their attention. Unfortunately, we have seen packaging that is not functional in that it does not protect the product nor reflect the quality of the product. For example, think of the way that Apple packages its products. Not only does the custom insert keep the product safe, but the clean white packaging is appealing to customers. Therefore, the quality of the package matches the price that customers paid for the product. This particular choice of the packaging conveys that Apple cares about its products and customer satisfaction.

5. Earn Social Proof

Social proof is used in almost all the promotional mix tactics because it allows customers to promote your product for free. For example, when we worked with Taco Bus to elevate their branding, one of the tactics we pursued was to redesign their packaging. The original Taco Bus packaging included the aforementioned plain white bags for chips as well as drink cups. To align with their brand motto, "Keep it chido" we knew the packaging had to be cool and noticeable from a distance. So, we designed the chip bags to resemble the familiar yellow school bus that identifies Taco Bus. We also redesigned the cups to be bright yellow and included an illustration of sunglasses printed with their motto, "Keeping it chido". Now, Taco Bus's packaging is aligned to their brand and easy to spot as the packaging has become a familiar sight during lunch and dinner times, ultimately increasing the desire to try the brand.

Although a product's packaging is often overlooked, it can greatly impact how your company promotes itself. In this case, try to make your packaging unique compared to your competitors so that people recognize where they can purchase that product.

For more information on how you can customize your company's packaging, contact one of our experts at Absolute Marketing Solutions.

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