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As new devices enter the market and operating systems and browsers continue to evolve, your website’s performance may not work as well as it did initially. Your website must be updated and maintained in order to ensure peak performance.

Plugins, themes and even WordPress itself require regular updates to ensure not only a good user experience but failing to keep your website updated can have serious consequences. By not keeping your website up to date, you can become vulnerable to Malware, which can also infect your clients. With the threat of online hackers, ensuring that your website is secure and updated is a very important detail to consider as well.

Our WordPress Maintenance Services Can Include:

Setting up backups of website content: We automatically set up and schedule backups of your WordPress database, stored on a secure server, on a weekly basis to ensure that content is not lost.

WordPress Updates: This involves updating any plugins, themes, or underlying software that powers the website. This is critical to defending your site against harmful Malware or hackers.

Uptime monitoring & Performance Testing: Our tools monitor any downtime, page-load time delays, and other technical difficulties that can affect your website’s performance.

Security Optimization: We monitor your website to remove spammy links, deny harmful attempts to access your site, or infectious Malware attempts to get to you.

Website disaster recovery: In the case that you fear your website may go down, we will craft a website disaster and recovery plan to avoid the loss of data and customers.

Just like a physical business, your website is an online representation of your company and your brand. It offers the same products and services as your organization. It is therefore critical to partner with an agency that is experienced in website maintenance to ensure the smoothest experience possible for your customer.  A well-maintained and regularly updated website will attract new customers, will perform better in search engine results, and will give your customers a reason to come back. Not only that but having a partner that can restore your website and avoid data loss can be a great source of relief.

At Absolute Marketing Solutions, we take site security very seriously and will continue to update and monitor your website.

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WordPress Maintenance & Support

At Absolute Marketing Solutions, our WordPress developers can provide world-class services and maintenance to support your growing business. We provide you with ongoing web and technological solutions, and are highly responsive when you need us.

Whether your organization is small and growing, or a corporate, enterprise-level entity, we can respond to you and deliver a timely solution for your needs.

Depending on the nature of your business, our website maintenance activities can vary. Whether you require simple updates such as changing text, adding images, or require more extensive support such as adding and designing new pages or functionalities to your site.

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Maintaining Your Website Should Be Stress-Free

Regardless of your industry’s landscape, or the size of your organization, having a partner that can maintain your website is critical for the ongoing success of your business. A well-maintained and regularly updated website will attract new customers, will perform better in search engine results, and will give your customers a reason to come back.

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Contact the Team at Absolute Marketing Solutions today to discuss your company's website maintenance needs. Our team of qualified staff can give you the support and security you need to allow your company to grow. Call us at 813 908 6862 or Contact Us today.

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