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Why Does My Business Need a Blog?

blogFor some business owners, the idea of taking time away from your business to start a blog seems like an unnecessary distraction that will yield very little benefit to you. On the contrary; blogging for your business has innumerable benefits which, done regularly, can reap advantages over your competition. Quality content has the ability to attract more visitors, convert them to customers, improve the quality of your leads, not to mention can position your business as an industry authority. Here are five top reasons why your website should have a blog.

Content drives your SEO

SEO is fueled by the content on your site. Search engines crawl your pages to see how much valuable content you provide, and if you do that better than your competitors, then your site will be rewarded for it.

Identifying keywords and keyphrases that have moderate search volume, but face less competition, could help you become a big fish in a little pond. Contributing informative articles, tutorials, and other forms of original content can give your content shelf life and will endure the test of time. If your competitor is spending marketing dollars on paid ads, but doesn’t have any content, as soon as they pull the plug on the funds, you could overtake their position. Remember that that organic always trumps paid efforts.

More traffic, more customers

According to a survey by Hubspot, a leader in inbound marketing strategy, nearly 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. By providing more information and more pages on your website that are targeted to specific queries a customer would make, you’re more likely to be found by those who are looking for you.

Sharpening your focus

While you may initially struggle to find a topic that would be interesting to blog about, consider breaking down all the services or products your business provides into subcategories. When you start brainstorming topics, you may find that you want to focus on some products or service versus others. Blogging can help sharpen your business focus because it will force you to define who you are blogging for, and why.

Spread to Social

Having an updated blog is like having continual fuel for social media. Your blog can be the heart of all your content marketing, providing material for Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, and other forms of social media. By connecting with the right audiences and influencers in your industry, you can leverage your blog’s content in more areas than just your website; your content can be shared by online communities, increasing your overall reach.

Tell your story

A blog is an opportunity to not only showcase your expertise in your industry, but to show the passion and story behind how the company came into existence in the first place. A company’s blog can offer insight into the business, the philosophy that drives it, and the lives of its employees. It can be a medium to illustrate the richness of your company’s culture, and to even attract new talents. It’s a terrific and personable way to show what drives the company and what its vision is.

While blogging can be a fun and educational experience even for seasoned professionals in their business or industry, creating an engaging content strategy takes time. If you have a website in need of a blog and a custom content marketing strategy, contact the Tampa Content Marketing experts at Absolute Marketing Solutions by giving us a call at 813-908-6862.

Alfred Goldberg

Co-founder and President of American Operations at Absolute Marketing Solutions. Alfred Goldberg has over 15 years of experience as a small business owner and is one of two individuals in Florida to hold the distinction of being a Mobile Marketing Association Certified Mobile Marketer.

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