December 17, 2014 – Galati, Romania – Absolute IT Solutions and Windriver are proud to announce the delivery of their greatest joint venture… Of course we are talking about the birth of Serban Andrei Milea, a 3.4 kg (7.4 lb.) baby boy, who was recently born to Mihai and Alexandra Milea. Mihai and Alexandra are software developers for Absolute IT Solutions and Windriver, respectively.

Announcing the Birth of Serban Andrei Milea

Absolute and Windriver have had a longstanding and prosperous relationship over the years and little Serban represents our most important joint venture yet. With parents like Mihai and Alexandra, both outstanding software developers, it’s certain that Serban will grow up to be the greatest software developer in the history of modern civilization. Absolute President Dumitru Vlad is working with our legal counsel to determine how to secure an employment contract for a newborn baby.

Congratulations to Mihai and Alexandra and good luck as you enter this most wonderful chapter in your lives together.