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Here’s How Vegans Affect your Restaurant

published by on October 25, 2018

Visualize this: a group of five friends, one who is vegan. The group is debating which new restaurant they should try. Chances are, they’ll decide on a restaurant that has vegan options (if they’re decent friends). And there you have it, vegan selections have become the deciding factor for new business. Keeping Up with the … Read more

The Writing’s on the Wall: The Evolution of Facebook Advertising

published by on May 13, 2016


One of the first words that comes to your mind when you think of online advertising is invariably, Facebook. Facebook has long worn the crown for being not only the world’s biggest social network, but one of the most powerful and engaging platforms for advertisers, brands, companies and organizations to amplify their presence. Part of … Read more

The Importance of Mobile Site Speed

published by on March 29, 2016


It’s no surprise that we can easily be frustrated by a website or mobile page that takes forever to load. The most patient of us may wait a few seconds, perhaps try to refresh the page a couple of times, then move on quickly. In today’s mobile age, we don’t really have a lot of … Read more

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