Three Reasons Your Restaurant Should Embrace Employee Social Media Advocacy

If you are like many restaurant owners, you know that your staff spends a great deal of time (hopefully off the clock) on social media. Yet if you are like most restaurant owners, you may not have considered how this behavior could have a positive impact on your business. Restaurant owners have long understood the…

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Are your employees on social media? Here are some considerations for enforcing a social media advocacy program


Getting your employees to become social media advocates can be a great way to amplify your reach and acquire new customers. According to Brandwatch, 1,000 employee advocates can reach 1 million customers, drive 50,000 social engagements, and create 5,000 unique pieces of content. Consumers care deeply about endorsements made by their peers and will listen…

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5 New Years’ Resolutions Your Restaurant Should Have

Every year, millions of Americans decide to make a list of ways to improve themselves in the new year. Whether it’s to drop a few pounds, land a dream career, or take a vacation to a bucket list destination, many people have dreams and aspirations. As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably made a few resolutions…

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A Guide to Fake Restaurant Reviews, and What You Can Do About Them


While all businesses must concern themselves with the impact of online reviews, restaurants have to be particularly concerned. Food criticism isn’t a new trend as it has been going strong since the 1803 publication of the “L’Almanach des gourmands.” Today, technology has democratized the reviewing of restaurant’s making true the old quip “everyone’s a critic.”…

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How to React to a PR Crisis

What to do when you and your company’s reputation is at risk   Companies that have faced a public relation crisis often find reputations that may have taken years or even decades to build can be destroyed in just moments. In some cases, a single event or incident can completely alter the public’s perception of a…

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