It seems like ever since the pandemic, workers have been struggling to shift their focus back into the office. But just as we adjusted to sleeping in, dressing down, and meeting on Zoom, we must readapt to traditional business standards to achieve company goals. To avoid a lack of productivity in the workplace, we recommend following these few simple steps at home and work to increase mental stimulation.

Plan Ahead:
Although it may seem obvious to any business professional, it is necessary to create a well-organized planner that tracks future events, meetings, and assignments. Building this calendar will help you stay on top of tasks and approximate proper time management. We also suggest you highlight any deadlines to ensure that they are complete. As well as creating checkpoints leading up to the official deadline to keep yourself accountable for these tasks.

Avoid Distractions:
In a recent Forbes article, studies have found that those who work from home are much less productive than those in a professional environment due to the lack of company culture, many distractions, and untrustful technology systems. Therefore, those who work in an office should take advantage of the opportunity by separating work and home life. By maximizing your work time at the office, you may feel more determined to complete tasks before the day is complete, ultimately creating more time to relax at home. In addition, you should also turn off unnecessary notifications when working to avoid any distractions. Some people may even need to hide their devices to remain focused.

Make Healthy Choices:
It may be efficient to order from a local fast-food chain while on your lunch break, but the outcomes of consuming unhealthy food can be detrimental to your mind and body. It is essential to fuel your body with natural food that gives you energy, boosts your immune system, and decreases stress. Try bringing snacks that are not prepackaged, like fruits, vegetables, or nuts. These foods lead to higher antioxidant levels that reduce “brain fog.”

Move Your Body:
These days, many companies provide amenities to their employees to promote healthy living. For example, a company may pay for a gym membership or have a fitness center in its office. These recent changes have found that employees are less likely to miss work, lowering the employee turnover rate. In addition, studies have shown a direct relationship between working out and brain function in which working out can increase memory, focus, and creativity. If your office doesn’t have a gym, try taking a brisk walk around the block to stimulate endorphins.

Socialize with Others:
One of the benefits of working in an office is having a team of professionals around you. These relationships can increase awareness of your company’s different departments and projects. It is essential to understand all aspects of a company to ensure employees work cohesively. We recommend communicating with your coworkers to collaborate on ideas or ask for advice. These interactions can also decrease stress and increase one’s mood.

Although there are many more ways to increase productivity in the office, these are just a few examples that the Absolute Marketing Solutions team has found to be successful. It is important to remember that every individual is different and may have additional methods that increase their work ethic.

If you have any questions about company culture, please contact the Absolute Marketing Solutions team.