Brand Archetypes

Welcome to our Brand Archetypes blog archive, where we explore the foundational framework that defines and differentiates brands in the marketplace. Brand archetypes are more than just categories; they embody the spirit, values, and persona of a brand, connecting with customers on a deep, psychological level. Here, you will find a wealth of articles and insights that delve into the 12 classic archetypes, from the Hero to the Outlaw, the Caregiver to the Sage. Each post is designed to help you understand how leveraging these archetypes can forge a stronger, more resonant connection with your audience. Discover the power of brand building and storytelling through archetypes and how it can transform your brand’s identity and market presence.

Everyman Archetype

Brand Archetypes – The Everyman

the explorer archetype

Brand Archetypes – The Explorer

The Creator Archetype

Brand Archetypes – The Creator

The Rebel Archetype

Brand Archetypes – The Rebel


Brand Archetypes – The Caregiver