Europe – December 2009 – Absolute Marketing Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of their most recent iPhone application, Diamond Quiz. The game is currently available on the App Store and can be purchased for $1.99.

With the goal to “stimulate your mind” without opening a book, Diamond Quiz brings new faucets to a trivia game. Questions are organized by subject with multi-faced diamond forms. Subjects include famous people, places, dates, things and events. From world history to Greek mythology to cars, artists, movies, songs and more.

Collect all the diamonds on screen by answering the questions hidden in them. There are only two answers per question: one correct, one incorrect. So if you miss an answer, you still have the opportunity to learn from it. This method allows for a great range of learning while playing the game. Additionally, there are no penalties for wrong answers. The goal with Diamond Quiz is to learn and enjoy.

As you play, you’ll improve your personal Knowledge Quotient (KQ) score. The higher your score, the better your chances of reaching the Top 10 on the official worldwide Diamond Quiz Hall of Fame. To raise the difficulty, you can set Diamond Quiz to a different language. With over 5,000 questions, there’s plenty to learn.

While this app is a quiz game, it falls under the “edutainment” category. Swiss company Bonlieu, S.A., wanted to created an app that combined the fun of a game and the benefits of an educational approach. You can find Diamond Quiz on the App Store now.