“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations,” – Bill Gates

Whether you were a fan of Entourage or Sex and the City, you’re probably familiar with television’s version of a publicist. Often portrayed as glamourous party planners and snarky celebrity wranglers, the importance of publicists and the public relations industry can be easily misunderstood. The reality is, PR is essential for any business, especially a restaurant.

What is Public Relations?
Public relations is the art of reputation management. PR professionals are experts at storytelling, persuading, and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships on clients’ behalf. A publicist’s main goal is to ensure that their clients are being positively portrayed and discussed. Marketing strategists argue that PR is the most effective way to build a brand. When it comes to restaurants, brand recognition is paramount. To produce buzz about your restaurant you need good word of mouth marketing, which is a direct result of effective PR.

Understanding public relations

Understanding public relations

9 Aspects of PR That Will Optimize Your Restaurant’s Marketing Efforts:

  1. The foundation of PR is understanding. Publicists will work hard to understand every nuance of your business in order to accurately and usefully tell your story.
  2. PR generates news coverage, which boosts credibility and visibility for your restaurant.
  3. PR professionals have authentic relationships with media professionals, guaranteeing repeated media coverage – not just one and done.
  4. Publicists know what’s newsworthy, and what’s not. If your restaurant doesn’t have something newsworthy to offer, PR professionals can help generate something that is.
  5. PR pros are writers at heart. They’re always willing to help craft messages to represent your brand.
  6. PR specialists monitor and amend all negative attention (like bad customer reviews). They are experts at transforming unhappy customers into brand ambassadors.
  7. In the PR world, social media is taken seriously. From the photo to the message, to the time of day, each post is thoughtful and strategic.
  8. PR is not just about getting on the news, it’s about understanding industry trends and utilizing relevant social influencers. By implementing blogger programs, so-called “citizen journalists” will promote your restaurant to their specific audiences.
  9. All forms of coverage attained through PR are more sincere and less costly than traditional advertising.

Investing in public relations is investing in your brand. This list encompasses only the basics; PR services are highly strategic, in-depth, and targeted to specific business needs. If your restaurant needs help communicating with specific audiences, creating campaigns, or managing a crisis, then PR is a must.

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