SEO News Flash: RIP to Google Instant Search

Launched in 2010, the Google Instant Search feature was designed to provide users with information as quickly as possible. When you began to type a search term, Google provided some predictive suggestions for what it thought you were looking for and displayed search results below the search box. Now, those search results will only appear…

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Best Practices for Mobile-Friendly SEO


Everyone wants to be first on Google. Everyone wants to be in the number 1 position, on the first page. In order to gain visibility on mobile search, companies require a strategy that applies the best practices when it comes to local SEO, continually improving site speed, adhering to mobile-friendly design, and more.

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The Importance of Mobile Site Speed


It’s no surprise that we can easily be frustrated by a website or mobile page that takes forever to load. The most patient of us may wait a few seconds, perhaps try to refresh the page a couple of times, then move on quickly. In today’s mobile age, we don’t really have a lot of…

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Podcast: Absolute is Featured on Jenningswire for Expert SEO and Web Strategy

Jenningswire is a popular online resource for businesses covering topics from Marketing to Entrepreneurial lifestyle. It recently featured Miné Salkin from Absolute Marketing Solutions to talk about some common mistakes and misconceptions about search engine optimization, with advice on how businesses can overcome them.

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