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Why HIPPOs are dangerous for your website

published by on December 9, 2020

For a few years, you’ve been at your company, working with a dedicated in-house team on internal marketing strategies that will take the company to the next level. You’ve been eyeing your competition and noticed they’ve all done something that your company has needed to do for years, redesign the company website. Your website is … Read more

A Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

published by on December 27, 2018

A confused executive on his computer

The red bubble on your inbox icon reads 52. It’s 7:02 am. Gulping your coffee, you start wading through the email chaos. You clench your mug – half of these emails are ads for digital marketing services. Finding digital marketing help has been on your to-do list for a week, but more options bring more … Read more

Building A Website for Your Business: Frequently Asked Questions

published by on October 22, 2018

Building a website for your business, but finding yourself stuck? It’s no simple task. In a world full of websites, (over 1.8 billion), creating a unique and usable website with relevant content can be daunting to even the most tech-savvy. When generating or re-doing a website, there are a variety of elements to consider ranging … Read more

Building a new website, or redoing yours? Here’s the web design industry jargon you should know

published by on November 14, 2017


If you’re considering updating your company’s website or starting a new one from scratch, you’ll likely want to be in on the conversations with your web development team as your site, and online identity takes shape. Unfortunately, developers aren’t always the easiest people to communicate with as they tend to casually throw out development lingo … Read more

Infographic: Why a Responsive Website Matters

published by on September 6, 2017

You’ve surely heard it before: having a responsive website is important. But why? Sometimes we feel like sharing the numbers and industry research helps us explain the value and importance of having a mobile-friendly website to our clients. Here are some reasons why responsive does truly matter when it comes to web design. Click to … Read more

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