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6 Tips for Building a Presence on Google+

published by on July 28, 2015


When Google debuted their social media platform in the summer of 2011, there were many who were skeptical about its ability to build a long term, engaged audience. Facebook and Twitter were dominating the landscape and newcomer Pinterest’s popularity was growing. While Facebook, Twitter and newer sites like Instagram dominate the current social media landscape, … Read more

What We Can Learn from the World’s Finest Content Marketers- Part 2

published by on June 29, 2015

In the second part of this series, we will examine content marketing campaigns that are designed to strengthen the positioning of companies, products and services in their respective markets. These companies utilize a variety of tools including video and social media to define who and what they are in the minds of consumers. They seek … Read more

What We Can Learn from the World’s Finest Content Marketers- Part 1

published by on June 22, 2015

What makes a content marketing campaign effective? What is it about certain campaigns that lead consumers to engage? Are these campaigns better financed? Do the companies have more resources? Are their teams more creative? Of course money and resources are important and creativity is a prerequisite, but beyond that, the best campaigns serve the desired … Read more

8 Ways to Draw More Eyeballs (and readers) to your LinkedIn Posts

published by on May 15, 2015

LinkedIn is the most business-oriented of the prominent social media platforms. While it’s not a party like Facebook, an overload of thoughts, jokes and good information like Twitter, or a bastion of visually stunning how-to guides like Pinterest, LinkedIn serves a critical function. LinkedIn doesn’t hide its role as a driver of business and future … Read more

Absolute’s Campaign for a Mobile-Friendly Tampa Bay

published by on May 7, 2015

At Absolute Marketing Solutions, one of the most critical activities that we take part in is providing thought leadership on topics within mobile and digital marketing. Google’s “mobile-friendly” update has sent shockwaves across the business world as companies began to focus on whether or not their websites are responsive for users on mobile devices. It … Read more

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