Mobile App Development

From strategy to deployment, our team of experts craft custom applications that are designed to make an impact. Each mobile project is custom built for you, which means you aren’t getting a one-size-fits all solution. To maximize your investment, we develop solutions based upon an analytical approach. In addition, a dedicated Project Manager ensures the entire process is seamless for our customers.

App Development

Absolute Mobile is an award winning app development firm based in Tampa, FL. We have the expertise required to develop products on all native mobile platforms, such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, and Blackberry OS. So whatever the platform, our talented team has the specialized skill sets needed to deliver the best user experience and optimal functionality for your business and devices.



We collaborate with you to understand what it is you want to accomplish. This is a key step in which we build the requirements and metrics necessary to ensure project success.


Design isn’t just about the way things look. It’s about designing the entire experience every step of the way, and knowing how it all successfully ties back to mobile.


Our project methodology for mobile development is a fluid approach. This allows us to adapt the project as it progresses from one step to the next. Constant feedback is provided among our teams, which allows you to weigh in on the progress.


Absolute Mobile tracks, measures, adjusts even after deployment to ensure a smooth and successful rollout. Testing and Quality Assurance are critical factors that most companies overlook and/or don’t provide. At Absolute, we perform automated builds and unit tests to help ensure bug free code releases and minimize regressions. We have a great deal of experience integrating with open and proprietary systems. This shortens the overall integration time and ensures it is bug-free when it is deployed to your customers. Absolute Mobile is the one mobile partner that stays with you and continues to collaborate post launch.