Reaching for Results:

When initially meeting with a client, we always begin by asking them to define their business objectives. Then, understanding their objectives, we help them craft their strategy, guide their selection of marketing and promotional tactics, and capture the appropriate metrics. We do this because our clients count on us to deliver actual measurable business results. Our focus on achieving these results led to the first of our company values, “results-oriented.” Results-oriented is a term we use to describe our agency’s focus on outcomes rather than processes and activities.

Although most marketers would agree with this approach, some fail to maintain being results-oriented. Unfortunately, this mistake is not unusual

because the day-to-day activities we engage in occupy so much attention, making it easy to shift focus away from client objectives. However, the more you focus on business objectives, the more likely you will successfully achieve them.

A common goal amongst clients is to increase sales of a particular product or service to a specific audience. For example, a local restaurant may wish to increase the number of delivery orders to college students. To help our client achieve this objective, we will likely use several different marketing tactics. These tactics have metrics that help us make decisions. We call these tactical metrics. For example, social media has well-known metrics such as likes, follows, and engagement. These metrics let our social media team know how effectively they reach a particular audience and how receptive that audience is to their message. However, these metrics do little to tell us how effective their efforts are in increasing the number of delivery orders to college students.

Many firms focus solely on these tactics and exclusively use them when reporting to clients. Although some clients may be interested in seeing this data, we believe it is more important that clients know that we are making progress toward their goals. Instead of hiding this data, we demonstrate how these tactical metrics may drive objectives. Building on our previous example, we can use tactical metrics such as reach and engagement to show how well we promote their delivery option.

Our values create our company culture. When looking for new hires, we look for this trait by asking open-ended questions that could demonstrate how a candidate is results-oriented. Additionally, we have developed a style of “company dialogue” that helps our team members reorient back to client objectives when discussing campaigns, projects, and strategies. In this way, we ensure that Absolute Marketing Solutions will always be results-oriented.

If you are looking to partner with an agency that will be focused on achieving your business objectives, look no further than Absolute Marketing Solutions.