Reaching for Education

Continuing our values series, our second value in the acronym REACH-IT is education. Many marketing firms define the term “education” differently. Some may value a certification or degree over one’s experience. Although we recognize the importance of attending a university, we do not stop there when looking to build our team. In fact, we believe that one’s education is never complete. As marketing and technology continuously change, we must develop our minds to recognize the challenges created by the ever-changing marketplace. For this reason, and many more, we have made education one of our core values.  

Since there are many outstanding universities located near Absolute Marketing Solutions, we have been fortunate to recruit alumni from the University of South Florida, the University of Tampa, and Florida State University. Just like any university, we value the importance of education. However, a degree only gives you a basic understanding of what to expect when working professionally. Moreover, a degree proves one’s passion, dedication, and ambition. In many cases, we look for candidates who exhibit these traits and are open to expanding their knowledge.   

These characteristics are easily found in those who show enthusiasm for the industry or subject. At Absolute Marketing Solutions, we do not limit our employees to one specific department. Instead, we encourage them to learn all aspects of the business. As a result, our employees will often collaborate and teach each other how to perform tasks outside their expertise.  

We also take the opportunity to educate our employees about the latest marketing trends and techniques. These lessons may be demonstrated through games, meetings, videos, or workshops. These activities act as educational tools for employees to enhance their skills, communicate with coworkers, and participate in hypothetical situations. In addition, we have found that having our employees engage with each other helps them recognize opportunities to further their development and spark new interests.  

To ensure that the information resonates with our employees, we often use the vocabulary and methods conversationally throughout the office. For example, business acronyms such as RACE, SOSTAC, and SWOT have become part of our company’s culture and language. We have found that the willingness to use this vocabulary directly correlates to the performance of our employees.  

We also value education within our client relationships. For example, we find value in sharing the process and results of our projects with our clients. We do this by presenting our research, metrics, and strategies to help them interpret our solution. Nevertheless, we always welcome questions and comments that can improve our work in the future. These interactions are also a practical educational experience for our employees.  

Since marketing platforms change so rapidly, it’s also common for clients to get confused about our work. It doesn’t help that most of the information they are reading is from a handful of different sources. However, we see their questions as a sign of trust. By answering these questions, we can demonstrate our expertise, help our clients better appreciate the work, and add security to our client relationships.  

As a constantly growing marketing firm in a continually evolving industry, we understand the importance of education. At Absolute Marketing Solutions, we are responsible for giving our employees proper training. Regardless, that training is only effective for those willing to dedicate their time to learning. Therefore, we encourage all those interested in pursuing a career in business to continue educating themselves beyond a textbook. 

If you are looking for a team to partner with on your next marketing project, please contact one of our team members at Absolute Marketing Solutions.