The Global Virus Network is an international coalition of medical virologists whose goal is to help the international medical community by improving the detection and management of viral diseases.

The GVN is an essential and critical defense against viral disease. It is a coalition comprised of leading virologists spanning 63 Centers, 11 Affiliates, and 35 countries worldwide, all working to advance knowledge about how viruses make us sick and to develop drugs and vaccines to prevent illness and death. No single institution in the world has expertise in all viral areas. GVN brings the best medical virologists together to leverage individual strengths and focus global scientific teams on key scientific problems.

The power of GVN lies in its global reach, the depth of its science, and its commitment to solving viral challenges facing the human population. To accomplish this important objective, the Global Virus Network partnered with Absolute Marketing Solutions to produce a new website to facilitate research, organization, and dissemination of the latest news on viruses around the world, including COVID-19.



Putting the Global VIrus Network Website Under a Microscope

Imagine the excitement of bringing together a diverse group of leaders from research, education, events, technology, administration, partnerships, and communications - and that's precisely what we did! By sparking engaging conversations and digging deep into their needs, we paved the way for a successful large-scale project.

And guess what? We didn't stop there. We explored the virtual world, delving into websites from top-notch professional research associations and gathering a treasure trove of information to craft our project blueprint.

Creative Brief
But wait, there's more! In our creative kingdom, we hold the powerful "Creative Brief" dear to our hearts. This magical guide shapes our work for clients, sharing the project's mission and objectives and inspiring us to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

Building a new website is like hosting a party - you need to know your guests! To do this, we conjure up personas or imaginary users who help us dive deep into our audience's minds and guide us in tackling design hurdles.

Analyzing the Landscape
Inspiration comes from everywhere! It's crucial to analyze how other organizations expertly navigate crucial situations on their websites. We cherry-pick and strategize from their brilliance to create a fresh design that stands out from the crowd.



We collaborated with key stakeholders from the Global Virus Network to craft a strategy for the website, including what new features it will possess. The strategy encompassed the goals that were set forth at the beginning of the project, along with best practices for design and user experience.



Revamping the Design

Considering the organization's goals, the innovative redesign focused on enriching user experience while prioritizing impactful tone and messaging. The ultimate objective was establishing the organization as the go-to resource for viral information catering to virologists, medical professionals, researchers, media outlets, and the general public.

Innovative Variants

Embracing a versatile approach, multiple prototypes were crafted for diverse platforms such as mobile and tablet devices. The cutting-edge responsive design delivers consistent and seamless information sharing across all devices.



The development phase of the GVN website revamp project exemplified a dedication to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. By aligning the project's goals with the GVN's mission, leveraging user insights, analyzing industry best practices, and collaborating with stakeholders, the development team successfully created a website that serves as a powerful tool in the fight against viral diseases. The revamped website enhances the GVN's impact by providing a comprehensive resource for information, fostering global collaboration, and empowering the international medical community. Through its user-centered design, seamless accessibility, and cutting-edge technologies, the GVN's website stands as a testament to the organization's commitment to advancing knowledge and preventing the spread of viral threats worldwide.