Absolute Marketing Solutions Helps Good Times Tobacco Connect With Their Best Customers

Absolute Marketing Solutions recently partnered with Good Times Tobacco to create a custom customer rewards program. The program was designed to incentivize customers to come back and purchase more of the company’s products. The rewards program allowed customers to collect points for each package of Good Times Tobacco products they bought. The points could be redeemed for exclusive loyalty items and experiences.

The Absolute Marketing Solutions team worked closely with Good Times Tobacco to ensure that all aspects of the reward program were explicitly tailored to the company's needs and goals. They began by analyzing customer data from past purchases to understand better their target market and what rewards would best incentivize them. Based on this analysis, the team developed a comprehensive reward program strategy that included a point-based system where customers could earn points based on how often they purchased Good Times Tobacco products.

The Absolute Marketing Solutions team also created an easy-to-use interface that allowed customers to easily track their points and choose which rewards they wanted to redeem them for. In addition, they created promotional materials such as emails and social media posts to engage customers with the rewards program better.

Ultimately, the custom reward program built by Absolute Marketing Solutions has helped Good Times Tobacco increase customer loyalty while driving sales through incentives. The success of this project demonstrates how partnering with experts in the field can help businesses achieve their goals while also providing a personalized experience for their customers.

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Please get in touch with Good Times with any questions related to the use of the Good Times Rewards program.