Enhancing Transportation Infrastructure: Garret Engineering Group, Inc.

Introduction: Garret Engineering Group, Inc. (GARRETT) is a certified DBE/SBE Traffic Engineering firm founded by Erbie Garrett in 2010. Initially offering signalization, lighting, and signing & marking plans, as well as traffic studies, the firm aimed to serve clients within Districts One, Two, and Seven. Over time, GARRETT expanded its expertise, and with the addition of Megan Lerner and Carlos Ramirez as partners, the firm evolved into a multidisciplinary engineering company providing various design services to public sector clients throughout Florida.

Challenge: GARRETT faced several challenges during their journey to becoming a premier Transportation Engineering consultant firm. The key challenges included:

  1. Limited market presence: As a growing firm, GARRETT needed to establish a strong market presence and position itself as a reputable provider of transportation engineering services in Florida.
  2. Increasing competition: The transportation engineering industry in Florida is highly competitive, with numerous firms vying for projects. GARRETT needed to differentiate itself and stand out among competitors.
  3. Diversification of services: To expand its client base and revenue streams, GARRETT had to diversify its service offerings beyond its initial focus areas of signalization, lighting, and signing & marking plans.

Solutions: To address the challenges mentioned above, GARRETT implemented several strategic solutions:

  1. Website development: Absolute Marketing Solutions built a new website for GARRETT, providing an online platform to showcase the firm's capabilities, expertise, and project portfolio. The website served as a vital tool to increase visibility and attract potential clients.
  2. Marketing and branding: With the appointment of Megan Lerner to lead the Roadway Department and handle project marketing, GARRETT focused on developing a strong brand identity and creating targeted marketing campaigns to raise awareness about their services.
  3. Talent acquisition and expertise expansion: GARRETT actively recruited highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the transportation field, enabling the firm to offer a broader range of services. This expansion helped GARRETT establish itself as a multidisciplinary engineering company.
  4. Emphasis on innovation and cost-effectiveness: GARRETT prioritized the development of innovative and cost-effective design solutions, aligning with its objective to enhance safety and produce high-quality engineering documents. This approach gave the firm a competitive edge in securing projects.

Results: The implementation of the above solutions yielded significant results for GARRETT Engineering Group, Inc.:

  1. Increased market presence: The new website developed by Absolute Marketing Solutions provided a professional platform for showcasing GARRETT's expertise. As a result, the firm's visibility improved, attracting a larger pool of potential clients.
  2. Enhanced reputation: Through strategic marketing and branding efforts, GARRETT established a strong reputation as a reliable and capable transportation engineering firm. This reputation helped the company differentiate itself from competitors and gain the trust of clients.
  3. Diversification of services: With the addition of talented professionals and the expansion of their service offerings, GARRETT successfully diversified its capabilities. The firm's expertise in roadway and multi-modal design, traffic engineering, traffic operations, signalization design, lighting design, and more positioned them as a comprehensive solutions provider.
  4. Project success and client satisfaction: GARRETT's commitment to innovative and cost-effective design solutions resulted in successful project outcomes. Their focus on safety and high-quality engineering documents led to improved transportation infrastructure and enhanced client satisfaction.

Conclusion: Through strategic initiatives and a commitment to excellence, GARRETT Engineering Group, Inc. overcame the challenges it faced. By leveraging a strong online presence, effective marketing, talent acquisition, and an emphasis on innovation, GARRETT transformed into a premier Transportation Engineering consultant firm in Florida. With a multidisciplinary approach and a dedication to enhancing safety and quality, GARRETT continues to make significant contributions to the transportation industry, solidifying its position as a trusted partner for public sector clients.

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