Absolute Marketing Solutions Helps Launch New Sports Brand EAMG


Absolute Marketing Solutions was approached by the Emerging Athletes Management Group (EAMG) to create a web presence for their newly established company. As a new company with no existing brand, EAMG needed a unique, compelling, and professional digital platform to represent its brand and business offerings. Here's how Absolute Marketing Solutions tackled the project and the exceptional results they achieved.


As a startup, EAMG had a blank slate regarding its brand and online presence. This offered great opportunities but also posed significant challenges:

  1. Brand Creation: EAMG had no established brand identity, requiring a complete creation from scratch. This included defining the brand's colors, tone of voice, logo, and other visual and content elements.
  2. Visibility and Credibility: With no existing online presence, EAMG needed a website that could provide visibility and establish credibility within the sports management industry quickly.
  3. User Experience and Navigation: The website needed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring potential clients could easily understand EAMG's offerings and approach.


Absolute Marketing Solutions took a systematic approach to these challenges:

  1. SEO Strategy: To enhance EAMG's visibility and credibility, Absolute implemented an SEO strategy to drive organic traffic to the website. This included keyword research to align the website's content with terms potential clients were likely to search for.
  2. User Experience and Navigation: The Absolute team designed a responsive, mobile-friendly website with clear, easy-to-navigate menus. They also ensured the website had fast loading speeds and reliable performance.


  1. Increased Visibility: The SEO strategy implemented proved effective, with eamgsports.com seeing a significant increase in organic traffic within the first few months. EAMG began ranking for industry-related keywords, increasing their visibility.
  2. User Engagement: The website's intuitive design and easy navigation led to increased user engagement. The bounce rate was lower than the industry average, indicating users found the site helpful and easy to explore.
  3. Business Growth: Perhaps the most significant result of this project was EAMG's business growth. With their strong online presence, EAMG managed to secure several high-profile clients in the first few months following the launch of their new website.


This project underscores the value of strategic branding, SEO, and website design in establishing and growing a new company. Absolute Marketing Solutions' holistic approach was crucial in helping EAMG establish its brand, increase its visibility, and, ultimately, grow its business.

To view the website: eamgsports.com