Transforming AMA Tampa Bay Chapter's Online Presence

Introduction: Absolute Marketing Solutions, a renowned digital agency, recently undertook a project to enhance the website of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Tampa Bay Chapter. This case study highlights the challenges faced, the solutions implemented, and the resulting positive impact on the chapter's online presence.

Challenge: The AMA Tampa Bay Chapter recognized the need for a modern, user-friendly website to improve its online presence and better serve the local community of marketing professionals. The existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked essential features for engaging and informing visitors. The challenge was to create a visually appealing, mobile-responsive website that effectively showcased the chapter's activities, resources, and events.


  1. Strategic Planning and User-Centric Design: Absolute Marketing Solutions commenced the project by conducting extensive research and analysis of the target audience and their requirements. A user-centric design approach was adopted to ensure the website's intuitiveness and ease of navigation. Information architecture and wireframing were employed to structure content logically, enabling visitors to find information quickly.
  2. Modern and Engaging Visual Design: The website's design was modernized to align with current web design trends and best practices. A clean and visually appealing layout was created, incorporating consistent branding elements to reinforce the AMA Tampa Bay Chapter's identity. The color scheme and typography were thoughtfully selected to enhance readability and create a cohesive user experience.
  3. Enhanced Functionality and User Experience: To improve functionality, the website was developed using a flexible content management system (CMS) that allowed easy content updates. An intuitive navigation system was implemented, enabling users to effortlessly explore different sections and find relevant information. The website was also optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless experience across various screen sizes.
  4. Integration of Interactive Features: Interactive features such as event registration forms, newsletter subscription forms, and social media integration were incorporated to enhance user engagement. These features enabled visitors to stay updated with chapter news, register for events, and connect with the chapter through various social media platforms.

Results: The enhanced website for AMA Tampa Bay Chapter achieved significant improvements in several key areas:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The intuitive design and improved navigation led to a positive user experience, allowing visitors to easily access information and resources on the website.
  2. Increased Engagement: The integration of interactive features facilitated increased engagement with the chapter's events and initiatives. Visitors could conveniently register for events and subscribe to the newsletter, fostering a stronger sense of community.
  3. Mobile Responsiveness: The mobile-responsive design ensured a seamless browsing experience for users across different devices, catering to the growing trend of mobile usage.
  4. Improved Brand Perception: The visually appealing and professional design of the website projected a positive image of the AMA Tampa Bay Chapter, enhancing its reputation among marketing professionals in the local community.
  5. Strengthened Online Presence: The transformed website became a valuable resource hub for marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area, providing easy access to information, educational content, and networking opportunities. This contributed to the chapter's growth and increased its visibility within the local marketing community.

Conclusion: The collaboration between Absolute Marketing Solutions and the AMA Tampa Bay Chapter resulted in a successful project to enhance the website. By addressing the challenges posed by the chapter's outdated website, implementing modern design principles, and enhancing functionality, the new website now serves as a valuable tool for the chapter's mission of supporting marketing professionals in the Tampa Bay area. The improved user experience, increased engagement, and strengthened online presence have positioned the AMA Tampa Bay Chapter as a leading resource for marketing professionals in the local community.

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