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Absolute Marketing Solutions Redesigns Two New Websites for Local Nonprofit:

Tampa, FL – Absolute Marketing Solutions is pleased to announce that we have recently created two new websites for an influential nonprofit organization in Downtown Tampa. The Portico is an organization that reflects Hyde Park United Methodist’s mission of rehabilitating the homeless and honoring justice initiatives throughout Tampa. They also extend their efforts through the Portico Café, a social enterprise that offers employment ladders to people transitioning into rehabilitation centers. The café provides a space for the community to gather while also funding the church’s mission through purchases of their delicious menu items.    

The homepage of the Portico’s new website includes a carousel of images outlining some important areas on the property such as the inside of their historical chapel and the famous “For the Love of THIS City” mural painted by Illsol. This mobile-friendly website allows users to easily navigate information about participating in their art programs, hosting events, volunteering, and donating through various links throughout the site.   

The Absolute Marketing Solutions team also helped introduce a subscription-based coffee system that encourages users to purchase monthly packages of The Portico Cafe’s unique Sumatra, Ethiopian, and Colombian coffee blends. Each bag of coffee purchased from the Portico Cafe’s website will directly impact the church’s initiatives in bridging those from brokenness to restoration. Users can access ordering information on both the Portico and the Portico Cafe’s website under the Coffee header. 

As for the Portico Cafe’s website, we have now added links for users to purchase and donate. When you scroll through the homepage, there are descriptions and images of their beverage menu, as well as access to their social media accounts. Users can now learn about the Portico Cafe’s story along the top header, accompanied by other links such as Catering and Book Spaces. We decided to continue using bright orange and yellow hues across both websites to keep the pages cohesive with the uplifting brand.     

“It’s been great working with The Portico and seeing how they are helping promote change throughout the city,” said Anna Gordon, Account Manager. “We hope that the redesigned website will continue to promote the church’s mission.”  

 About The Portico:   

The Portico serves as a community gathering space committed to enhancing Tampa’s social, artistic, and spiritual fabric through conversation, connection, and community change. The open-minded organization provides a missional coffee shop, artist gatherings, porch parties, and discussion for all.   

 About The Portico Café: 

The Portico Café is a “café with a mission” that delivers excellent-quality coffee, intentional customer service, and impacts the local community in profound ways. The Portico Café provides a second chance and employment ladders to people who were formerly homeless, addicted, or incarcerated–transforming their lives and changing our community. 

About Absolute Marketing Solutions:  

Absolute Marketing Solutions is a full-service, award-winning digital agency established in 1999. Since then, it has been providing high-quality mobile applications, responsive websites, and mobile strategies to clients worldwide. Absolute works with businesses and brands to craft and execute digital strategies that match consumer demands on every digital platform. Absolute Marketing Solutions specializes in content marketing, PR, graphic design, and development as well as digital marketing efforts like SEO and conversion analysis. We combine the technological and marketing expertise necessary for companies to drive engagement and achieve success. 



Natalie DiRoberto

Natalie DiRoberto is currently a Junior at The University of Tampa studying Communications, with a focus and culture media, and Marketing. Natalie was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship three years in a row at UT.

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