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Absolute Marketing Solutions Designs and Develops a website for Georgia Mountain Treasures

Tampa, FL – Absolute Marketing Solutions has recently designed a website to promote awareness for a non-government organization called Georgia Forest Watch. Georgia Forest Watch promotes sustainable management that leads to diverse forest and healthy watersheds within the National Forest Lands in Georgia through its grassroots campaign, Georgia Mountain Treasures. The new website captures the natural beauty of Georgia’s wildlife and promotes awareness about joining the efforts to preserve the Chattahoochee-Oconee forests for future generations.

As a Florida-based company, we were unaware of the severe need to protect and advocate for the Georgia forest. Therefore, the Absolute Marketing Solutions team did extensive research on Georgia’s environmental issues through the book  Georgia Mountain Treasures. This informative book  taught us about the history and protection of natural forest lands, as well as helped us find specific images of mountains and trees commonly located in Northern Georgia to use for the new website.

The Absolute Marketing Solutions team created an easily accessible website that provides detailed information about the campaign and ways to donate to the organization. The new website also features an interactive search map that locates trails, mountains, and ridges along the Northern Blue Ridge. Even if users can’t physically go to these destinations, the new website allows them to experience these treasures through the sharing of other advocates’ personal stories about their adventures. The SEO-oriented website allows anybody to locate the website by searching keywords and phrases on search engines; ultimately, directing traffic to participate in the grassroots movement.

“At Absolute Marketing Solutions, we often work with clients that want to drive sales and revenue,” says Michael Lorenzo, Director of Web Design. “It is refreshing to work on a non-profit website that increases awareness about ongoing issues.”

The new website for Georgia Mountain Treasures engages and educates the public to join efforts to preserve the forests for years to come. Please consider donating and supporting Georgia Forest Watch’s efforts to help sustain their precious environment.

About Georgia Mountain Treasures:

Georgia Forest Watch sees a future where people can enjoy forests that have reached their full majesty, where intact natural processes support healthy ecosystems and thriving biodiversity, and clean streams supply water to millions of Georgians. We believe this future requires the protection and appreciation of Georgia’s national forests, and the watersheds, native plants, and wildlife they encompass. Our mission is to enhance the health of Georgia’s 867,000 acres of National Forest by protecting our forests and streams, advocating for natural processes, and identifying opportunities to improve Forest management.

About Absolute Marketing Solutions:

Absolute Marketing Solutions is a full-service, award-winning digital agency established in 1999. Since then, it has been providing high-quality mobile applications, responsive websites, and mobile strategies to clients worldwide. Absolute works with businesses and brands to craft and execute digital strategies that match consumer demands on every digital platform. Absolute Marketing Solutions specializes in content marketing, PR, graphic design, and development as well as digital marketing efforts like SEO and conversion analysis. We combine the technological and marketing expertise necessary for companies to drive engagement and achieve success.

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Natalie DiRoberto is currently a Junior at The University of Tampa studying Communications, with a focus and culture media, and Marketing. Natalie was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship three years in a row at UT.

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