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Absolute Helps Mufin Launch Their Newest Android App

A Tampa Bay software development company helps mufin lead the charge to provide cellphone users with innovative ways to navigate music collections on their mobile devices.

Tampa, FL – November 2010 – Absolute Marketing Solutions, a Tampa digital agency specializing in mobile application development and responsive website design, was hired by mufin, one of the leading providers of music recommendation and recognition technologies, to implement their mufin player for Android.

The mufin Android project was secured through IT-Valueconsult, a German partner of Absolute. The project involved a two-person Absolute team working both in Absolute’s offices and on-site in Berlin. You can use mufin player for Android to manage the music you have stored on your mobile phone and to play music saved on your, a cloud based music locker. Absolute was hired in July this year to produce the Android version of the German company’s music player and delivered the finished product in November.

“We love working with Absolute because they work quickly and get things right the first time,’ said Boris Lohe, President of mufin. “We are delighted with the implementation of mufin player for Android.“

Mufin’s advanced music software and services enables users to manage their music by sound, navigate music collections on sound maps and upload and store their own music collection in a virtual cloud.

“Mufin came to us because of work we have done with several other German companies”, said Alfred Goldberg, president of Absolute Marketing Solutions. “We are currently a bigger player in Europe than the US and a lot of that has to do with Android. We have developed Android apps for clients in France, Germany, Belgium and Australia in the past year. While oPhone gets a lot of attention, the Android platform is getting bigger. More companies are looking for Android implementations of their applications.”

According to Gartner Android now has a 25% market share of smartphones worldwide while Apple’s iOS is at 15%. Android’s lead in the US is even greater.

Learn more about Mufin here.

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