Did you know that there are over 55,000 posts a second on Instagram and Facebook? Considering those are just two major social media platforms, the sheer volume of posts is simply overwhelming. Nevertheless, only a tiny fraction of your followers see any of YOUR social media posts.

Social media platforms use algorithms to handle the extreme volume of posts. These algorithms prioritize posts based on many factors, including whether or not users have engaged with similar posts. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict how the algorithm will affect your posts because they are constantly updated.

However, there is one way to circumvent the algorithm – boosted posts.

Our Social Media Manager, Alexis Hishmeh, recently shared how you can use boosted posts to ensure that your posts are reaching your desired audience.

What is a “boosted post”?

A boosted post is a type of advertisement in which your post becomes the content for the ad. Boosting a post allows you to select a goal, define a target audience, set a budget, add an interaction button, and choose placements.

How do you boost a post?

Each social media platform handles advertising, including boosting posts differently. Here are some guides for the most popular social media platforms.


What posts should you boost?  

Before boosting every one of your posts, define your social media profile goals. For example, if you are a newly developed company, you may want to promote giveaways to encourage brand awareness. Or, if you are hosting an event, try boosting the sign-up link to increase participants.

We recommend boosting posts that are already popular on your page. If a post isn’t doing well organically, it isn’t going to do well when boosted!

How much should I pay to boost a post? 

A little bit of money goes a long way when boosting posts! According to our Social Media Manager, you can spend $5 a day to reach over 2,000% more viewers by promoting a post.

Who will see my boosted posts? 

When boosting your post, you define an audience based on geographic location and demographic information such as age, income, etc. and behavioristic information like their interests and online behavior. The algorithm then uses this targeting criterion and shows the boosted post to those most likely to engage with your post.

Can people tell that it is a boosted post?

Boosted posts appear in feeds just like any other typical post; however, they are marked as sponsored posts. If the post is not labeled, then it is most likely an organic post.

Boosting a post is an effective way to increase the reach of your social media marketing messages. Used correctly; boosted posts will allow you to grow your brand and help you achieve your marketing goals.

If you have any questions about how effective your social media marketing is or would like to inquire about our social media marketing services, please contact us.