Sean O’ Donnell, President & CEO of Laser Locators and a 23-year veteran of the ophthalmic sales industry, started Laser Locators as a way to help doctors buy and sell used excimer lasers, and other ophthalmic equipment. The ophthalmic laser industry is a highly technical one that requires a great deal of product knowledge and strong relationships with ophthalmic manufacturers and ophthalmologists. Additionally, it’s critical to have a deep understanding of evolving customer needs and the inventory to match. Laser Locators’ knowledge of their products, large inventory, and relationships with vendors and doctors are the basis for their success.

For Laser Locators to achieve greater success, they need to be able to quickly procure high quality products while continually finding buyers for their inventory. Laser Locators has to regularly attract two distinct audiences; manufacturers who make and provide ophthalmic equipment and doctors looking to purchase equipment.

To accomplish these objectives, Laser Locators turned to Absolute Mobile Solutions to produce a responsive website that made it easy for visitors to find comprehensive product information and allowed extensive opportunities to convert visitors to buyers. Absolute also supported the new website with a digital marketing strategy that utilized SEO, keyword analysis, social media and email marketing to draw more visitors and further establish their brand.



The Importance of a Good Website

Our discovery phase began with several meetings with Joey Colarulo, vice president of sales and a managing partner of Laser Locators, to determine what role the website played in their marketing and sales strategy. We did a competitor analysis to determine how effectively Laser Locators’s competitors were using digital marketing.

Our research determined that an effective website is a crucial component of achieving success in the ophthalmic laser industry. While Laser Locators actively pursued other marketing avenues, including trade show participation, buyer behavior within this industry is heavily affected by Internet research. Ophthalmic lasers (whether new or refurbished) carry a hefty price tag ($15,000-20,000 on average). While a trade show presence was important for branding and establishing relationships, most buyers (ophthalmologists and equipment resellers) go online to research lasers and the companies that sell them. While trade shows attract a small audience of potential buyers and industry leaders, a website that’s optimized to rank higher in inbound searches and drive conversions presents companies in the ophthalmic laser industry greater exposure for their products.



Based on our discussions with Joey, extensive industry research and competitor analysis, we established a set of marketing goals and an overall strategy for drawing visitors to the website and converting them to sales leads.




While goals and strategies are important, without good methods for routinely measuring progress and determining where adjustments need to be made, they will prove to be difficult to achieve. Prior to launching our digital marketing strategy, we optimized their Google analytics account to capture the data necessary to measure and report on established goals. Rather than report solely on “vanity metrics” like page views and visits, we focused on conversions, where visitors were coming from and what products received the most interest.

Responsive Website

One of Laser Locators’ primary goals is to sell and buy more equipment. A secondary goal is to provide more equipment appraisals. Absolute Mobile Solutions created a responsive website that made it easy for visitors to access product information, contact sales representatives and learn more about the company. Each page features quick links directing visitors to the most frequently viewed pages. Visitors can also view bios, pictures and videos, giving them a feel for the family-like culture that exists at Laser Locators.

Keyword Research

We performed a keyword analysis to determine what words and phrases people used when looking for ophthalmic equipment. We worked with Laser Locators to determine which products were most important in terms of sales and procurement. We then used this research to adjust their content appropriately.

Email Campaigns and Increasing Number of Subscribers

Each month we produce email blasts that feature products, special deals and company news. The monthly email blast allows us to deliver important company information to an already engaged audience. We utilized A/B testing to determine the most effective design and messaging for the email campaigns. We also analyzed results based on the time and day in which an email was sent.

To increase their number of subscribers, we provided prominent “calls to action” on the Laser Locators website and via their social media platforms.

Social Media

Absolute Mobile Solutions optimized Laser Locators’s social media channels to establish Laser Locators as a thought leader within their industry and to further build their brand.

Digital Marketing Meetings

Strategies must change over time, and our work with Laser Locators has similarly evolved. We meet monthly to go over current campaign performance, make recommendations, and ensure continued alignment with organizational and marketing objectives.




“Absolute Mobile Solutions has the knowledge and a history with mobile and internet marketing that can bring your company to another level. Aside from enhancing the traffic to our website, lead generation and conversion went up as well as the quality of those leads. We’ve not experienced any downtime, their staff responds immediately and everyone seems to always be available.”


Joey Colarulo

VP of Sales and Managing Partner - Laser Locators