Coffee has become a staple for nearly 1 billion people around the world. We drink it throughout the day to keep us alert, it assists us in creating new ideas, and now, fuels change through purchases made at the Portico Cafe. Absolute Marketing Solutions has recently worked with the Portico and the Portico Café in redesigning their website and managing their social media pages to extend the mission of Hyde Park United Methodist Church throughout Tampa Bay.

The Portico Cafe was founded in 2017 with the vision of delivering delicious coffee that would help bring awareness to homelessness and justice initiatives. Each purchase made at the Portico Cafe goes directly towards helping those in need of faith, guidance, and rehabilitation. Customers can purchase coffee in-store or online through The Portico’s newly reconstructed website. Their website offers different blends of coffee, including Don Carlos Espresso, Sumatra Dark Roast, Light Roast American, and American Decaf. Additionally, users can sign up to receive monthly subscriptions of their favorite Portico Cafe coffee delivered straight to their doorstep.

But the steps to fuel the change do not stop there! The Portico Cafe also takes a more hands-on approach by hiring those who are currently overcoming homelessness and providing them with opportunities that help pay for recovery and healthcare. Not only does the Portico Cafe serve delicious coffee, smoothies, and pastries, it also offers event and office spaces for local businesses to rent. The newly renovated event space occupies about 400 people, and their chapel occupies about 70 people. Patrons can rent these spaces for any type of event.

In addition, the Portico hosts a variety of their own events, including face-to-face and online meditations, services, and benefit events. These events help in connecting the community and driving discussion about homelessness and justice initiatives. Such homeless initiatives include the “Homeless Jesus” statue on site of the Portico. Canadian sculptor Timothy P. Schmalz created this statue to remind passing viewers of how God is in places they least expect. The Portico also painted a memorial that honors the lives of those who were homeless in Tampa. The Portico supports justice initiatives by participating in HOPE (Hillsborough Organization of Progress and Equality) and serving on The Community Events Team by organizing happenings throughout the city.

Whether you are interested in a tasty cup of coffee or participating in one of their events, we highly recommend stopping at the Portico Cafe to learn more about how you can help the community.

The Portico Cafe is open Tuesday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located at 1001 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL 33602.

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