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Natalie DiRoberto

Natalie DiRoberto is currently a Junior at The University of Tampa studying Communications, with a focus and culture media, and Marketing. Natalie was awarded the Dean’s Scholarship three years in a row at UT.

Direct Marketing Solutions

published by on September 23, 2021

If you are like us, we are sure that you are guilty of deleting hundreds of unopened newsletter, promotion, and acquisition emails each week. Although this may be frustrating to deal with as a prospective customer, many companies have successfully used direct marketing to promote their products, services, or brand. When direct marketing is used … Read more

Attract an Audience with Advertisements

published by on September 14, 2021

If you look around, advertisements are everywhere! We see them in the windows of stores and restaurants, hear them on our way to work, collect brochures from companies of interest, and click ones that pop up across our phones. Although it may seem like there is an overwhelming number of advertisements, businesses use this tactic because it … Read more

National Read A Book Day

published by on September 3, 2021

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” – Joseph AddisonSuppose you have seen the Absolute Marketing Solutions office. In that case, you would have noticed the endless bookshelves in our conference room stuffed with original copies of historically famous novels, piles of informational books about marketing and content creation on each … Read more

Is your product packaged properly?

published by on September 2, 2021

 Although we have always been taught not to judge a book by its cover, it is difficult not to select a product by its packaging. When browsing through the aisles of a store, most customers choose to buy the most visually appealing products without even knowing the quality of the product itself. Now think to yourself, … Read more

Mastering Word-of-Mouth Marketing

published by on August 23, 2021

“Hey! Do you know a good realtor?”, “Who is your caterer?”, “I need a good lawyer.” These are all common questions that your potential customers ask their friends, family, and even total strangers on social media. All of which are examples of what is called word-of-mouth marketing. Many businesses understand that positive word-of-mouth is good … Read more

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