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How to Create a Great Instagram Post

published by on July 8, 2016

With 400 million users and growing, Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms around. Instagram makes it easy to reach your audience on with its focus on hashtags for search and a fairly simple process for creating posts. These reasons and its popularity among millennials is, in part, why Instagram has become … Read more

5 Tips for Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

published by on April 11, 2016

In every industry, in every city, in every country, across the globe, companies are fighting feverishly to gain an advantage over their competitors. Aside from product advantages, businesses use a variety of marketing strategies to draw in consumers and convert them to buyers. Among the strategies, digital marketing has become one of the most desirable … Read more

The Importance of Owning your Name in Reputation Management

published by on February 18, 2016

The battle for the White House is fought on a variety of fronts. While candidates scramble from swing state to swing state, supporters, activists and pranksters find unattended web domains to spread their own messages. The campaign of presidential candidate Jeb Bush, who also happens to be the former governor of Florida, who also happens … Read more

5 Ways that Wearable Technology is Affecting Marketing

published by on January 13, 2016

The wearable technology market is growing by leaps and bounds and doesn’t show any indication of stopping soon. Products like FitBit have already found their niche in the universe of consumer usefulness. And while initial reviews of smart watches from Apple and Android have not been overwhelming, it’s assured that new design iterations and new … Read more

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