If you are a sweet lover like me, I am sure you appreciate a traditional chocolate chip cookie. As I write this, I can almost smell the sweet brown sugar, taste the rich melted chocolate, and hear the crunch that follows each bite. On National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, we honor this simple dessert that has brought comfort to millions of homes for almost a century.

History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Many people believe that the chocolate chip cookie was made by mistake; however, this tale is not true. Ruth Wakefield, an American chef, invented the chocolate chip cookie during the Great Depression. She thoughtfully combined butter, flour, sugar, nuts, and chocolate to create an inexpensive yet delicious dessert to support families during such a tragic time.

Following World War II, Wakefield also made care packages with chocolate chip cookies for American soldiers overseas. These postwar years increased the popularity of the chocolate chip cookie as it was now mass-produced in bakeries and sold at grocery stores. Then, in the 1950s companies, like Pillsbury created frozen cookie dough packages, and nearly ten years later, Nabisco debuted packaged cookies that were a staple to the Baby Boomer generation!

Additionally, throughout the next few decades, the chocolate chip cookie was elevated from its basic orientation! Companies experimented with other desserts, candies, and ice cream creating the Chipwich and M&M chocolate chip cookie. Today, there are thousands of delicious takes on this simple sweet.

Alessi Bakery:

Alessi Bakery, located in West Tampa, has also mastered the chocolate chip cookie as well as adding an Italian twist to the original recipe! Their Italian chocolate chip cookie has a similar texture to a biscotti; however, it is round like a traditional chocolate chip cookie.

The Italian bakery was established in 1912 by the Alessi family, who baked and delivered warm bread around the Tampa area. Now, Alessi’s is one of Tampa’s most famous bakeries, cake specialists, and catering services specializing in traditional Italian goods.

Absolute Marketing Solutions recently helped expand their business virtually by building Alessi’s new website and managing their social media pages. Alessi Bakery’s website offers various information, including menus, weekly specials, contact information, and an online ordering platform. In addition, their social media pages feature pictures of their custom cakes and in-store products.

We can promise you that Alessi Bakery is full of as much history and taste as the original chocolate chip cookie!

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