Developing a Responsive Design and User-Friendly Experience Makes Their Website More Accessible

Tampa, FL – April 18, 2014 – Absolute Marketing Solutions, a Tampa digital agency specializing in mobile application design and responsive website development, is proud to announce the launch of a new mobile-friendly design for the U.S. Business Registration website.

The client expressed that their old website felt outdated, text heavy, and didn’t have a responsive design. An effective and efficient website is necessary to help businesses, contractors and private sector vendors alike register and renew their System for Award Management (S.A.M.) certifications with ease.

Absolute’s goal was to create a modern and appealing mobile-friendly design that was structured to have an improved user experience across all pages. Re-designing the site allowed the text to be trimmed down and placed under proper headings to remove the previous long, scrolling pages. These changes have made the U.S. Business Registration website fully responsive and user-friendly.

Additionally, the development and design was focused on improving the user’s experience. Businesses want to easily navigate the website, check their registration status, and complete the forms to register and renew online. Any deficiencies in these areas could easily drive traffic away. By designing a responsive website with the user experience in mind, Absolute has aided the U.S. Business Registration by enabling a smooth user experience.

“Working with the team at Absolute Marketing Solutions has by far exceeded my expectations in all manners,” said Executive Director Joe Klein. “Their experience, knowledge and creativity has surpassed that of any web development firm I have worked with over the past ten years. They stand behind their work and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an experienced and dedicated development firm.”

United States Business Registration was created as a resource to assist businesses in making sure they are properly registered and certified according to their industry, business size, and Set-Aside Status. United States Business Registration also ensures they are utilizing the proper databases to locate and be located for Federal Government Contracts.

For inquiries, please contact Amy Fabian at or (888) 908-6862 ext. 1069.

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