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6 Traits of a Great Digital Marketing Client


For the last 14 years, we at Absolute Marketing Solutions, a Tampa digital marketing agency, have utilized technology to help companies reach their goals. Whether it’s brand awareness, increasing sales, launching a product or all the above, we utilize digital marketing, responsive web design and mobile solutions among other strategies to help clients become leaders in their industries.

We have created solutions for a variety of companies with a multitude of goals but they’ve all shared six common traits. While we’ve worked with many organizations over the years, we’ve turned down several as well. It is our belief that as an agency, you must be as clear as possible about the types of clients that you want to serve. This will allow you to provide superior service without compromising that service by utilizing resources on customers that don’t fit your business model. While there may be a number of customer types that use your product or service, the right customer is always preferable. What you have to offer will fit them better, they are more likely to be brand advocates and they are more likely to purchase your product or service multiple times. 

When we look at potential clients, we look for the following characteristics:

1. They Have a Clear Vision

If you don’t know where you want to go, we can’t help you get there. We look for clients that have clear goals and objectives and are clear about how we can help them achieve their goals with a digital marketing strategy.

2. Commitment to Embrace Digital

This may seem obvious but often times, companies take on digital because a competitor has a digital marketing campaign or because someone has advised them to do so. We look for companies that see digital marketing as central part of their growth plan. In return, we provide thoughtful, cutting edge solutions that are customized to your company’s objectives, culture and industry.

3. Clear Person Responsible for Championing Digital

Also obvious? Maybe. However, we work best when we are partnering with an organization. We look to have a deep understanding of our clients in order to create solutions for them. This often involves meeting with company leadership on a regular basis.

4. Likability

Who wants to work with someone they don’t like? As mentioned previously, we believe that a relationship with our clients that resembles a partnership creates the greatest opportunity for success. An important aspect of a partnership is being able to communicate ideas, concerns and progress to your partner. An open dialogue is critical and happens more easily with someone you like. Road blocks are removed allowing for project goals to be achieved.

5. Industry and Challenge

We love a challenge! We’ve created solutions for companies in a variety of industries and we pride ourselves on being able to help companies reach their audiences regardless of the complexity of what they offer. The greatest benefit of working with the number of industries we do is that we get a wide view of how business is done. We can take best practices for each industry and utilize them to achieve success for you.

6. Show me the moneeeeeey!!!

To be clear, we don’t do the work strictly for the money. It’s much more about the passion that we have for digital marketing and utilizing best practices to help clients reach their goals. The feeling we get when a client gushes about their new site or their steady rise in website conversions can’t be bought.

However, in order to procure both expert staff and access to the best tools, funding is required. In terms of clients, it’s critical that they have a true understanding and appreciation for the effectiveness of digital marketing and are willing to pay to have a great team help them achieve their goals.

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